Upgrading VMware ESXi whilst using Nexus 1010v VDS

Recently i went through a process of upgrading a VMware environment that utilised the Nexus 1010v Virtual Distributed Switches.

The automatic upgrade that can be performed from the 1010v failed due to an issue on the VMware ESXi hosts. This was troubleshooted and identified as a stuck services on the VEM. The following process was completed to resolve the issue

It is advised to run this process whilst no virtual machines are located on the ESXi host

From ESXi Shell:

vem status -v

vem status -v

This command will identify the running version and status of the VEM package

To stop the VEM service

vem stop

Identify the process id of the VEM

lsof | grep Cisco

lsof grep cisco

Document the version and process ID. In this example we are using v173 and process id is 5516

Now kill the process:

kill -9 5516

Now install the upload the new vib to the ESXi host. We are using /var/log as our location

esxcli software vib install -v /var/log/vib_version.vib

Now check the status

vem status -v

Ensure this picks up the new version

Now from the Cisco NEXUS 1010v you should see the hosts logging in with the correct VEM version


Caveat: information presented in this how to guide is as is,  myself or my employer hold no responsibility to the guaranteed success of this guide


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